Our basement services and resolutions can offer you the best in water control and waterproofing for all types of foundations, leaving you satisfied and your basement problems resolved. We will evaluate your basement leakage, dampness and drainage problems, offering you the best and most cost effective solution to eliminate the problem once and for all.

  • Installation of:
    • sump pumps
    • sump pits
    • water powered back-up pumps
    • battery back-up pumps
    • alarms
    • check valves

  • Slotting & tile drain method
    Water has been known to seep through a basement foundation or to be forced upward into the basement by hydrostatic pressure. To remove this water an interior drain system, consisting of course gravel and drainage pipes, can be installed in the basement below the foundation where it collects and redirects the water to a sump pit for removal.

    Slotting & tile drain method - concrete removed against wall and filled with drainage tile
    Concrete removed and perforated
    drainage pipe installed
    Slotting & tile drain method - concrete removed against wall and filled with drainage tile and gravel
    Course gravel added to cover
    drainage pipe
    Slotting & tile drain method - concrete removed against wall and filled with drainage tile and resealed with concrete
    Drainage pipe and gravel covered
    with fresh concrete
    Sump pump installed in corner of basement
    Water is redirected by the drainage pipe and gravel to the sump pit

  • Wall crack repairs

    Interior Crack Shield System - photosInterior Crack Shield System - photos
    Interior Crack Shield System – The system is applied over the crack and surrounding area to control water infiltration. The seepage is contained behind the shield and diverted underneath the basement floor. From there the water makes its way to sump pit for evacuation by the sump pump.

    cracked concrete wall with water seeping in
    Before repair
    Resin foam injection
    Resin foam injected
    Resin foam cured
    Resin foam cured
    Interior Hydrophobic Crack Injection Method – This green innovation product (approved by National Sanitation Foundation for potable water) forms and maintains a flexible foam or gel with high elongation. The quick curing foam/gel expands up to 800% to penetrate deep into cracks as it reacts with water. The crack is sealed with a watertight elastomeric seal that stops the infiltration of water.

  • Annual sump pit & pump maintenance
    It’s so easy to forget about and overlook your sump pit and pump(s). Homeowners often avoid going down to nasty unfinished basements at all costs; or completely forget about their pit tucked under the stairs, or in the utility room. Many homeowners don’t even realize they are living with a false sense of security. Too often they find out far too late when they discover their basement is flooded. Periodic pit and pump maintenance cannot be emphasized enough, your health and your property’s protection is riding on it.

  • Internal and/or external basement inspections & reports
    Where an interior and exterior option are available, your investigator will draft up a proposal with both comparisons for your consideration. It’s our pleasure to thoroughly and honestly assess each homeowner’s concerns and provide them with a complimentary quotation.

    • Complimentary assessments/quotations are based on a maximum of 1 hour.
    • Mileage charges may apply.
    • Assessments/quotations can only be conducted for the owner of the property.

  • Exterior excavation
    Excavation - photosExcavation - photos
    We will excavate the affected area(s) around your home down to the footing. We excavate by machine for large problem areas or by hand for smaller problem areas. The foundation wall is cleaned, dried and repaired (sealing any cracks or holes) before the waterproofing membrane is applied. We then install the dimpled air gap membrane and replace the weeping tile as needed. Drainage stone is installed in accordance with local building code, then the trench or hole is backfilled with native soil and the work area is cleaned up.

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